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Sign Ups are open for Major Taylor Summer Day Camps! You can fill out the application online here or download the application here.


Here to Burn (Burner Bike Information Master Post) Tuesday, August 11th, 2015


It is almost that time again—time for our largest annual fundraiser, the sale of Human Playa Vehicles (colloquially known as ‘Burner Bikes” but the kind folks at Burning Man prefer we avoid that nomenclature).

We currently have bikes available, and anticipate selling out on Sunday, August 30. If you get to Reno on Sunday please call us or come to the shop to confirm availability. 

If you are looking for general Human Playa Vehicle Information, please read our other FAQ located here.

We got all sorts of bicycles, bicycle accessories, and other accouterments for your Playa needs. Here is a quick rundown of all the goods we got to help you to get weird out in the desert.

1) Bicycles!

($60 and up)


It all starts here.

Our bicycles start at $60. They come with two pumped tires, at least one working brake and one working gear. Some come with more brakes/gears. Reno Bike Project recommends you purchase a bicycle before heading off the Playa. We also recommend that you purchase a bicycle before you purchase any accessories. You can buy all of the neat stuff you want, but without a bicycle, a basket just isn’t that useful.

We will also sell prefabricated “Burner Specials.” These bikes come ready made with a great assortment of our accessories, are typically a higher quality bicycle, and will make you the most sought after lad or lass or nonbinary term of endearment at the debutant ball. These will start at $100 and go up as we tack on more fun things to the bicycle.

2) Lights ($8-$60)


Basic Illumination

What is the point of going out to Black Rock City if nobody can see your colorful expressive self at night? We sell a large selection of lights, to serve all of your Human Playa Vehicle needs.

At the lowest end of bicycle illumination, we have accessory lights. These affix to the spokes or valve stem of your bicycle to provide fun profile light shows.

  1. 1) Tire Sparx (fun lights for your valve caps) – $8
  2. 2) Stem Sparx – (a more elaborate version of fun lights for your valve caps) – $11
  3. 3) NiteIze SpokeLit (fun lights for your spokes) – $11

We also have Monkey Lights, by Monkeylectric, a programmable LED light array affixed to the spokes of your bicycle. We offer three tiers of Monkey Light. Prices are per wheel. Installation is $10/wheel or $15/set

Here is a demo of the M210 model:

Another reminder: These lights won’t help you see much ahead of you, or behind, but you’ll look sweet in profile.

If you are interested in seeing stuff and being visible at night, we also carry the following lighting solutions:

Being the talk of the playa is nice, but so is being a safe participant in the BRC cycling culture.

These lights help keep you visible from the front and the rear. As with most things, the more money you spend, the higher quality of a product you will receive.

3) Make it rad.

We care about making your ride as trick as possible.

You want a basket to hold your stuff while you ride? We got you. Need something to hold your beverage while you cover the four corners? Baby, we got you. Want a Bluetooth speaker to blast Electric Wizard’s “Dopethrone” while waiting out a dust storm? WE GOT YOU.

Baskets and racks are the best way to hold stuff.

Bottle cages are the best way to hold liquid stuff

I don’t have some witticism for this, but all of these are pretty essential/neat items


Sadly, we can only go home once a year. While some of you might take your trusty steed back to the real world, most will not have that luxury. Fear not, friends. We, the kind folks of Reno Bike Project, have a home for your cherished Playa bike in the interim. Bicycles purchased from us (and even the bicycles not purchased from us) can be donated to our shop anytime we are open after the event has concluded.

We will not buy your bicycle from you.

Donation only.

No exceptions.

We will, however, give you a tax deductible donation receipt for your trouble.

Thanks for all your support, have a great burn.


3 Sweet Feet Group Ride Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

When: October 1, Meet at 9:30am to mix and mingle. Ride leaves at 10:30am for Sparks City Hall.

Where: Meet at Reno City Hall Plaza (downtown Reno)

What: 3 Sweet Feet 8 mile round trip Group Ride to celebrate the passage of three laws that support cyclists on the road! YAY!

It is important for cyclists and motorists to know there will now be harsher penalties for motorists who endanger cyclists and pedestrians on the road.

Who: The Nevada Bicycle Coalition and the Reno Bike Project are partnering to guide this ride.

Check the Map


Ride leaves from Reno City Hall Plaza, meets at Sparks City Hall, and loops back to Reno! 8 miles of fun!



Goodbye Helmets, Hello 2011 Thursday, October 21st, 2010

I know I have some vanities about helmets as well as some practical considerations and while I wear one regularly this video gives me a sense of hope for the future. (admittedly it’s highly unrealistic but I can dream right?)


Respect on the Road Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Share the road, bitches.
This afternoon I talked to a man outraged about an article posted on the Reno Gazette Journal’s website. After attempting to reassure the man over the phone, I looked at the article and the comments readers posted below it. The article explains the issues that drivers and bikers have while sharing the roadways. Each group presented their own particular gripes, ranging from who gets the right-of-way to local Critical Masses. Both put each other at fault and blame.

The bottom line is we ALL need to respect each other while we are out on the road. Motorists need to be more considerate of bike riders and we bikers need to be obedient to the local laws and rules of the road. Reno and Sparks motorists and bikers must share the road. I was biking to the grocery store a few days, riding along the right side of the street near the sidewalk since there was no bike lane. While riding, a car nearly sideswiped me, inching so close I almost hit the side mirror. Fortunately, there was no accident or injury. Incidents like this and others can be prevented on both sides; we just need to take more care.

Circus Circus Imperial Girls from CHINA! Monday, February 9th, 2009

It was brought to my attention that the Imperial Girls from China are currently doing free bicycle and unicycle shows at the Circus Circus every day.  This is one of those one-to-one fixed gear with two sets of handlebars type shows (I think it is also called bicycle ballet).  Having never seen this in real life I thought it was worth checking out and suggest everyone go see it cause it is AWESOME!


and for more cool Bike Ballet on the web check out:  Crazy Bike

5 Hot Whips Overhauled and Ready to Roll! Friday, November 21st, 2008

Anthony and Avi have been working hard overhauling bikes making them ready to go. Here are the five hottest of the bunch. They make great Christmas presents. Come on down and check ’em out.

Motobecane Mirage
Roadie, Made in France—Refurbished in Reno
57 cm 10 Speed
$225 with Brand Spanking New Wheels

26 City Slicks Grocery Bike w/ Basket
56 cm 6 Speed

KHS Montana Sport
26 City Slicks
43 cm 5 Speed

Univega Tristar
Townie Single Speed…So Hot and Shiny
51 cm $175

Raleigh Marathon
58 cm 18 Speed

Build-a-Bike Starts June 4 Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

customHey all,

The long awaited Build-A-Bike maintenance course is finally here.

Build-a-Bike starts June 4, and is going to be taught by Ed Jenson, a veteran of the Washoe County School District and professional bike mechanic.

This program is going to be a comprehensive look at biycles and how to repair them. From flat tires to rebuilding wheels, Ed and the RBP volunteers
are going to teach you how to do a complete overhaul.

There are six three-hour courses, starting Wednesday, June 4th. And continuing for the five following Wednesdays.

Participants can either bring their own bicycle or purchase a bike from RBP.

Cost of the class is $50 and includes most everything except a bicycle.

Space is limited to 8 spots so sign up fast.

for questions or to sign up email us at
or call the shop

see you soon,


RTC Advisory Board Friday, December 7th, 2007

Here’s a message from our friend Terry McAfee:

Do you bicycle and care about the future of bicycling in Northern Nevada?

Do you want to “give back” to the community for the good life you have lived her?

Do you want to make a difference?

The Regional Transportation Commission is looking for volunteers to serve on a reconstituted Bicycle Advisory Board. This advisory committee would be dedicated to non-recreational bike and pedestrian issues.

What this is not – It’s not about getting more mountain biking trails on Peavine. It’s not about making Reno more bicycle friendly for the Sunday Show and Go from Roy Gomm. Both of those are recreational issues.

What this is about – It’s about making Reno and Sparks more friendly and safer for people who want or need to use their bicycles for transportation to work or to the store, for example. Its about bicycle commuting.

Attached is the application to join this board. I urge you to get involved in making our part of the world a better place to be a bicyclist.


Terry McAfee

RTC Advisory Board Application

Recent accident Friday, December 7th, 2007

Here’s a link to the Reno Wheelmen thread on the accident yesterday.

Click here to see the whole thread.


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