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Community Outreach

Our activities that fall under the Community Outreach umbrella are diverse and always open to evolution in response to community needs.

Advocates for Cycling

In addition to providing bikes to community members in need, we are part of a motivated and diverse collection of groups and individuals that are constantly advocating for infrastructure to be built, repaired and maintained with cycling in mind. In line with our mission, RBP takes an active roll in advocating for cycling in the community. Currently, staff and board members hold key positions and are involved in various organizations including but not limited to:

  • The Regional Transportation Commission’s Citizens
  • Multimodal Advisory Committee

Fourth Street

The Reno Bike Project played an active role in the 4th St. Corridor Study conducted by the RTC. Through grassroots community organizing and ally building, including our monumental Positively 4th Street event in 2014, we were able to shape the discussion into something more favorable for cyclists. We are currently working with NDOT & RTC to plan more improvements for cyclist & pedestrians along the 4th St. corridor!

South Virginia Street

In early 2015, the Virginia Street corridor came up for redesign, and RBP joined up with a group of invested citizens under the banner Great Streets Coalition. Virginia Street through Midtown in its current condition failed to meet the needs of its community, characterized by narrow or nonexistent sidewalks, fast car speeds, dangerous crosswalks, and a lack of greenery. The GSC worked with area residents, visitors, business and property owners, and the RTC to pursue a truly great street for Midtown Reno. Although bike lanes were unfortunately not part of the final design due to spacial constraints, the new design does include wide sidewalks, a road diet, and street trees. Construction is underway and we’re looking forward to the new Virginia Street.

Center Street

Midway through 2018, a small but dedicated group branched out of the Truckee Meadows Bicycle Alliance with the vision of connecting UNR with Midtown via Center St. This group worked closely and efficiently with RTC to effect both public and government discussions around creating safe cycling infrastructure along the Center St. corridor. Reno Bike Project supported this initiative at every step, and utilized our reach to draw members of the community to meetings and public comment opportunities. Ultimately, RTC Washoe and the City of Reno both unanimously voted to approve construction of a two-way, physically separated cycle track along Center between the University and Midtown. This project is still in the planning stages, and we are continuing to push this project forward.

Committment to Diversity & Inclusion

We at Reno Bike Project believe that black lives matter.

We continue to witness the anger and frustration expressed by members of our local and national community over ongoing issues of injustice and the systemic racism that exists in our society. Through listening, observing, and having personal conversations with each other, we recognize the deep pain caused by each and every instance of injustice committed against any person of color. The meaning of “Black Lives Matter” has become more clear as we have seen people all over the world speak out against prejudice and hatred. What has become even more clear is that words are simply not enough.

The mission of the Reno Bike project is to function as a community bicycle shop and resource which advocates for a sustainable cycling community through education, collaboration and accessibility for everyone in the Truckee Meadows. At this time we understand that we must do more to build on our mission of community accessibility and inclusion. We recognize that our current efforts to address social justice, equality, and inclusion is insufficient. We are committed to expanding our services to black indigenous people of color (BIPOC) who we have overlooked and underserved. To align with our mission, we believe the immediate actions listed below will help us begin to make a meaningful difference.

Here is our Commitment:

  • Engage in direct outreach to local groups and organizations that serve people of color to ensure that our services are accessible. This includes community and church organizations in the Truckee Meadows.
  • Training and education of all our staff with a focus on diversity, identity, and the importance of meaningful conversation. This training and education will help all staff feel more empowered with the tools they need to gain a deeper understanding, better serve our community, and be a part of positive change.
  • Increase representation of BIPOC on our staff and volunteers to better reflect our community and make a more inclusive space/place for all.
  • These commitments will only be the beginning of setting the stage for RBP to better serve BIPOC members of our community. Ultimately, we need to do a better job of making sure everyone who walks into the Reno Bike Project feels respected, valued, and a part of our community. RBP was built on the belief that the bicycle is the world’s greatest mode of transportation and that everyone – regardless of age, gender, race, or class – has a right to afford, maintain, and enjoy one.

Black lives matter.

We welcome a conversation with anyone who is interested in a dialogue.

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