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About Reno Bike Project

We’re built around the belief that the bicycle is the world’s greatest, most utilized mode of transportation and that every individual, regardless of age, gender, race, or class has a right to afford, maintain, and enjoy one.

Our Mission

Reno Bike Project (RBP) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit community bicycle shop and resource, which advocates for a sustainable cycling community through education, collaboration, and accessibility for everyone in the Truckee Meadows.

How we’re working towards a sustainable cycling community


Making cycling more accessible to the public through recycling and recirculation of used bikes into the community at affordable prices.


Encouraging self-sufficiency by holding bike mechanics workshops and by providing a space for community members to repair their own bicycles rather than incur maintenance costs.


Encouraging bicycle activism by promoting and producing cycling related events for a variety of audiences.


Advocating for cycling rights and cycling growth in the Truckee Meadows by working with public officials and other organizations that are key players in transportation planning.


Keeping an open mind to all cycling needs and ideas and helping to facilitate positive growth.


Complementing other local groups to encourage youth safety and cycling-related arts and culture, and contributing to Reno’s continual growth as a diverse and vibrant community.


Meet Our Staff

We’re committed to getting more butts on more bikes more often!

Noah Chubb-Silverman

Executive Director & Co-Founder

A native of Reno, Nevada, Noah Chubb-Silverman has been an avid bicyclist for most of his life, majorly influenced by competitive mountain biking and cycling since the age of 15. In 2001 he moved to Bellingham, Washington and it was there that he first became acquainted with a community bike shop named The Hub. Working as a volunteer at this shop while attending Western Washington University, he saw the impact that a small group of staff and volunteers can make towards helping people get onto bicycles. After graduating in 2005 with a degree in Industrial Technology, Noah moved back to Reno and drew from his experience in Washington to start the Reno Bike Project in October of 2006. He works hard to develop every aspect of the organization.

Kyle Kozar


Joseph “Kyle” Kozar graduated with distinction from the University of Nevada, Reno in 2006 with a dual B.A. in Journalism and Spanish. A native of Reno, Kyle has been an avid cyclist for over a decade and founded Reno Bike Project in October 2006. Since RBP’s inception, he has undergone additional business training and worked to improve every aspect of the organization from writing the initial business proposal to program development to branding and public exposure. In 2010 Kyle moved to New York City to study urban planning at the Pratt Institute, but he still makes time to help out whenever we need him.

Shay Daylami

Shop Manager

Born and raised in Reno-Sparks, Shay is proud to call the Truckee Meadows home. Shay’s second passion (after bicycles) is language, which led to a degree in linguistics from UNR in 2016. Shay won’t correct your grammar, but they might critique your cable routing. You can find Shay in the Public Workstations or on public lands, pedaling around the Silver State.

Connor H.

Mechanic Educator

Connor will provide a bio shortly. Check back!

Chai Montgomery

Head Mechanic

Reborn in Athens, Georgia in 1994 when two folks pedaled into town from Chapel Hill, North Carolina and camped in his backyard. They told stories of their cycling journeys and from that point on it’s been 100% bicycle life: touring, road and cross country mountain races, wrenching, commuting, working as a bike messenger for 10 years, and going to bicycle mechanic and frame making schools. Chai bought his first car at the age of 48, to be able to get to trail heads better. He moved to Sparks in December 2017 and is enjoying all the sunshine that the desert life provides on daily bike rides.

Andy Perkins

Programs Manager

Andy started riding bikes more seriously when he was too cheap to buy a parking pass while earning his degree in Linguistics from the University of Nevada. While biking is still his preferred way to commute around town, his favorite way to enjoy riding a bike is on dirt. He takes pride in being the slowest rider in any group and will often take breaks that everyone else deems unnecessary and pretend it’s because he’s identifying a plant or a cool rock he found. When not riding bikes, you will find Andy splitboarding, gardening, hiking with his dogs or just about anything else outside.

Ray Hill

Mechanic Educator

Also known as BicycleRay. Forever in love with bikes. Ray has been passionate about bikes and anything cycling related his entire life. He has been repairing bikes for forty years, twenty at a local bike shop. He did a lot of cross country mountain biking and racing. Ray has often volunteered at cycling events helping people with their bikes and mobile repair. He enjoys teaching others how to maintain and repair their bikes so that they will gain confidence, independence and hopefully consider biking more often.

David Ramirez

Mechanic Educator

David considers his life to be very blessed at this point. He was in the window cleaning industry for 33 years and loved it. Now to be able to work on bicycles which is another passion of his, bicycles are truly incredible and the icing on the cake is he gets to work for a nonprofit like Reno Bike Project, and be a part of something greater than himself.

Kayla V.

Programs Manager

Kayla is on our programs team. She’s a bike rider, dog mom, social worker, spreadsheet nerd and snowboarder. She’s not a native Nevadan but it’s been her home for a total of 21 years. Her favorite bicycle to ride is her tandem because it’s extra social and guaranteed to get some smiles. She’s stoked to be at the Reno Bike Project and can’t wait to meet all the new customers, members and volunteers. Next time you’re in the shop, pop into the office to say “hello!” or share a piece of random trivia.

Jack D.

Mechanic Educator

Jack started working on bikes his freshman year of high school. Now a senior but studying Architecture at TMCC and he just want to help the public with all their biking needs.

Alex L.

Mechanic Educator

Alex has been riding bikes for years as an alternative to public transit and cars, and believes in the bike as a truly liberating machine. Since joining the Bike Project Alex has loved learning more about bike maintenance and repair. They’re excited to pass on tips, tricks, and knowledge to any biker looking to learn.

Tom Chapel

Bike Education Instructor

Tom Chapel has spent a lot of time on his bike. Working as a bike messenger in Seattle for 10 years and then in Reno for 3 more, Tom has hours and hours of road time and experience. Not to mention some of the most beautiful bikes to ever grace the streets. He knows the rules of the road and understands that although intimidating and sometimes tricky, riding your bike is something special.

Justin Kipp

Mechanic Educator

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Board of Directors

Learn more about our Board Members


Joseph Brandl - Board Chairman

Joe has been the board chairman for RBP for the last year after serving several years as a board member. He is a  newly  retired cardiac surgeon having practiced in Reno for the past 32 years.

He loves working on bikes as much as riding them. On days he is not riding his bike around our beautiful city he can be found “ wrenching “ at the fourth street production center.  His fondest memory of his childhood is riding to Little League baseball practice on his five speed Schwinn continental with a bat over his shoulder, a glove on his handlebar, and a smile on his face.


Mike Scott

Mike Scott decided to go pro in something other than work in September 2021.  The next day he flew to Alaska with his bicycle for a ride with cycling buddies who he has ridden with in the US, Iceland, Germany...and now Alaska.  An avid bike commuter, Mike volunteers most weeks at the Reno Bike Project when he is not traveling. Mike has worked on 3 non-profit Boards, and enjoys helping with planning and activities.  He has experience with facility operations, business management, and organizing cycling and other kinds of outdoor activities.  Mike's wife Trudy and all four daughters have been willing participants in his various adventure schemes.  You can see what Mike is up to on Instagram @pintglasscyclist.


Heather Goulding

Heather Goulding has been riding Reno’s roads and trails since 1992. She is a project manager at ADM Associates where she is a consultant to utility companies on their energy efficiency programs. Previous roles include leading a local breast cancer foundation and a stint as a citizen lobbyist who played a key role in passing a bill to create a high-school dropout recovery program. Among other things she is proud of, she made sure her own kids (now grownups) knew how to fix their own flats when they were still in grade school.

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Terry Quint

Terry grew up in Southern California always riding a bike, but in 1995 discovered mountain biking in Albuquerque and in 2014 rediscovered road cycling in Reno. Almost 10 years later, the cycling bug hasn't let up. Today, Terry is Secretary on the Reno Bike Project Board and she regularly helps out Shay in the Grove Street bike shop despite almost nonexistent mechanical skills.
Headshot 12-17-2018

Scott Gibson, P.E.

Scott is an engineering project manager at the RTC (Regional Transportation Commission) and has managed projects such as the recently completed California/Keystone Complete Street Project, the Green Bike Stamp Project, and the Mill Street Complete Street Project. He also oversees the RTC’s preventive maintenance slurry seal program which provides a blank canvas of opportunities for creating more complete and safer streets and improving conditions for people who ride bikes as well as extending the life of the region’s roads.

Scott has made Reno his home since 1995. Since arriving in Reno, Scott has been active in the community both professionally and privately. Scott is an avid cyclist and brings to his work an awareness of the need to improve the quality and safety of of our community’s cycling infrastructure. Scott is proud to serve on the Board of the Reno Bike Project and support its efforts to promote bicycles as a critical component of mobility in our community.


Marlowe Kulley

Marlowe Kulley is currently the CFO for Mesa Rim Climbing Centers. Marlowe is a longtime cyclist and has lived and cycled across many cities. She is passionate about improving cycling infrastructure and bike access in Reno.


There’s something about the bicycle that has, from its very beginnings, attracted an impressive mix of supporters. Today, the same eclectic mix of fans can be heard singing the praises of RBP, and for that we are forever grateful.

Better Together

RPB is made up of far more than its staff and board and we are lucky to have volunteers of all shapes and sizes who give much more than their time and money. Our supporters give their skills, expertise, passions, a little space on their soap box, specialized services and anything else we need to keep the gears running smoothly. RBP is lucky and grateful to have so much support from the community and the list below is by no means comprehensive however we would like to thank the following groups and individuals for their support.

Want to Support RBP?

When you become an RBP member you will be supporting our organization and providing a means for us to continue pursuing our goal of making the Truckee Meadows one of the greatest cycling communities in the county.

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