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Burning Man 2019 is August 25-September 2.

Our extended hours are: 10a-8p on Friday 8/23, Saturday 8/24, Sunday 8/25, and Monday 8/26.

ALL Playa bike pick up is at our AUXILIARY LOCATION, 635 E 4th St. Please double check the location you visit and DO NOT GO TO OUR FORMER LOCATION, 541 E Fourth St. We are no longer located there.

If you don’t know, now you know: the best way to get around the Black Rock Playa is by bike. And if you don’t have one, you should reserve one now. Reno Bike Project has over 1,000 Human Playa Vehicles available and is your one-shop stop for accessories and service.

RBP is a community bike shop, serving the public year round. Support from the Burning Man community each year keeps our doors open through the slower winter season and increases our ability to deliver programs that benefit people in our region. Please note that our location is different from 2017 and earlier!

Take advantage of the playa transportation options we offer below, and head to the bottom of this page for info specific to the 2019 Burn.

We do not rent bikes for Burning Man, only sell them. If you reserve a bicycle, we guarantee that we will have one for you, but specific bicycles are available on a first come/first served basis.

1) Find Your Bicycle ($65+)

Our basic Playa bicycles start at $65. They all come with two pumped tires, at least one working brake and one working gear. Some come with more brakes/gears.

If you purchase a basic “A La Carte” bicycle plus accessories, and you want us to install them for you, we can do that. The prices for all installations will be clearly listed when you visit us.

In addition to “A La Carte” bikes, we also sell prefabricated “Burner Specials.” The latter come with a great assortment of our accessories already set up for you, are typically a higher quality bicycle, and will make you the most sought after burner at the ball. These start at $85 and go up as we tack on more fun things to the bicycle. Once you have reserved a basic Playa bike, you can upgrade at our shop.

All cruisers are priced $85+. They are sought after and are priced as such.

We can special order a new cruiser or trike for you, too. See the above options.

Do you know exactly what you want to be riding around Black Rock City? Have your new or boxed bike shipped to RBP and we will build or reassemble it for you, so you don’t have to compromise on anything. A bike build costs $45-85. Ideal. Easy. Call us with questions.

2) Illuminate Everything ($10-60)


What is the point of going out to Black Rock City if nobody can see your colorful & expressive silhouette at night? We sell a large selection of lights to serve all of your Human Playa Vehicle’s needs. These accessory lights provide fun profile light shows.

For a customizable, premium profile, Monkey Lights (by Monkeylectric) are a programmable LED light array affixed to the spokes of your bicycle. We offer three tiers of Monkey Light. Prices are per wheel. Installation is $15/wheel or $25/set.

Here is a demo of the M210 model:

The above lights won’t help you see much ahead or behind you, but you’ll look sweet in profile. Being the talk of the Playa is nice, but so is being a safe participant in BRC cycling culture. If you are interested in seeing stuff and being visible from the front and rear at night, we also carry the following lighting solutions. As with most things, the more money you spend, the higher quality product you will enjoy, the safer you’ll be, and the better time you’ll have. Plus, nobody will call you out for being a darkwad.

3) Make It Rad (pricele$$)

We care about making your ride as trick as possible. You want a lined basket to hold your stuff while you ride? We got you. Something to secure your beverage while you cover the four corners? Baby, we got you. Want a Bluetooth speaker to blast Electric Wizard’s “Dopethrone” while waiting out a dust storm? WE GOT YOU.

Baskets and racks are the best way to hold stuff.

Bottle cages are the best way to hold liquid stuff.

Keep your pony, your pony.

Unclassified essentials (and luxuries):

Must-haves for your camp:

Load ’em all up:

4) Get a Fix

RBP offers full service bicycle repairs along with a huge selection of new and used parts. After Friday, our public workstations will not be available due to increasing traffic. However, our mechanics will continue doing repairs (if you’re kind, you won’t show up Sunday at 7pm looking for a full refurb on the spot). Repairs are priced by individual service, instead of a flat rate model, keeping the price you pay down to what your bike needs only. The average cost for a tune-up is $75.

Price list for common installations:

Basket, Rear Rack, Car Rack: $25

Wheel Lights: $15/Wheel, $25 Set

Front or Rear Light $5, Set $10

Tube or Tire: $7

Solid Tube: $15

Most other adjustments $7-25

5) What About After the Burn?

Sadly, we can only go home once a year. While you can, of course, take your trusty steed back to the outside world, many won’t have that luxury. We, the nurturing folks of Reno Bike Project, have a safe and loving home for your Playa pony in the interim. Bicycles purchased from us (and even bicycles not purchased from us) can be donated to our shop any time we are open.

We will not buy your bicycle from you.

Donation only.

No exceptions.

We will, however, give you a tax deductible donation receipt for your trouble.

6) What should I know specifically about 2019?

We’ll have Playa bikes available both online and for walk-in sales, as long as we have them. Most out-of-towners arrive and come into our shop the weekend before the start of the festival. To accommodate that crush, we hold extended hours and offer limited repairs during this extremely busy time.

Extended hours

RBP will be open at 635 E Fourth St. 10a-8p on Friday 8/23, Saturday 8/24, Sunday 8/25, and Monday 8/26. For all other dates, refer to our normal hours.


RBP MOVED IN 2017. Playa bike pick up is at our AUXILIARY LOCATION, 635 E Fourth St. Please double check the location you visit and DO NOT GO TO OUR FORMER LOCATION, 541 E Fourth St. We are no longer located there. DO NOT GO TO OUR FLAGSHIP SHOP on Grove St. There will not be any playa bikes there.

Some critical details/FAQ:

  • It cannot be stressed strongly enough that while reserving a bike guarantees you a bike, you have not yet picked out one specific bike, and we do not set specific bikes aside for any customers. Sizes and styles vary. When you arrive, you get to pick out any bike currently available on our shop floor. Some bikes will feature upgrades and cost more accordingly. CRUISERS COST MORE.
  • We Accept Cash, LOCAL Checks, Credit/Debit Card. We charge a 3% fee to run cards.
  • We expect to completely sell out. To avoid us having to turn you away as a walk-in customer, reserve your bike early! Otherwise call about availability or come to the shop when you get to Reno. Our number is 775.499.5386.
  • If you have a question, please email or call at 775.499.5386 or 775.323.4488. Don’t Twitter at us. We don’t speak very good bird.
  • If you are worried about bikes selling out prior to your arrival, reserve and pay for one early.
  • NO REFUNDS on bike reservations after 6pm on Friday, 8/23.

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