Bike Swap


Coming April 20, as part of our 4th Street Grand Opening, it’s our first Bike Swap in YEARS!

In addition to giveaways and discounts, a raffle, alleycat & other games at the Grand Opening celebration, we will also have great deals on good-as-new, used, and vintage bikes. Even if you aren’t necessarily interested in buying a bike, browsing can be lots of fun for the family or pack of pals.

If you’ve got a bike (or five) you’re ready to let go to a new home, avoid the Craigslist/FB Marketplace weirdos trying to haggle or trade and let RBP handle the sale for you while you spend the day out or relax at home. Those who consign bikes through RBP have flexibility to drop the bike off at our shop on 4th St early (starting April 15). All bikes that do not sell should be picked up between 4-5:30pm on the 20th—or donated to RBP, who can issue you a tax-deductible donation receipt.

You’ll take home 80% of the sale price, while a 20% consignment fee will benefit Reno Bike Project’s education, advocacy, and outreach programs. This is the one time (every few years) when we offer the opportunity to consign, so don’t miss the occasion to put the bikes you’d like to sell in front of one of the best groups of folks looking to buy!

Please contact Genevieve with any questions and drop your bikes for sale off at 635 E 4th St. starting on 4/15!