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Playa Bikes Now Available for Reservation!

Reserve your bike for Burning Man on our webstore at:

Do you have questions about our bike reservations and process? Check our Frequently Asked Questions

Our basic Playa bicycle (upgrades available) starts at $100. They all come with two pumped tires, at least one working brake and one working gear. Some come with more brakes/gears. These bikes have typically been to Burning Man at least once, and have received a thorough safety check by our mechanics. 

When reserving a Human Playa Vehicle you simply get access to one of our hundreds of bikes. When you arrive you get to pick one is right for you. We cannot pick or set a bike aside for you—what if you don’t love the one we pick? Some bikes will feature upgrades and cost more accordingly, so you will be charged the difference upon pick-up. All cruisers cost more. If you purchase accessories, we can install items once you have picked out your bike.

Early Bird and local pickup will begin in July at 216 E. Grove St. All other pick up will be Aug. 23-29 at 635 E. 4th St. at our Burning Man Pop Up Store. In addition to the hundreds of bikes to choose from, we will also have racks, lights, locks, pumps, baskets and all the other necessities to make your bike ready for the playa.

Bikes will sell out. Reserve your bike today!

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