Rental FAQs

Do you rent bikes for Burning Man?

No, we sell a basic bike for transportation around the playa. Please refer to our Playa Gear Shop for details. Please note that our rental fleet is not available during Burning Man and should never be taken camping in the Black Rock Desert. The alkali Playa dust is highly corrosive and can cause permanent damage to bikes.

What do I need to bring?

We recommend seasonally comfortable clothing, closed toed shoes, ID and credit card (necessary for rental), and a water bottle. Bikes are equipped with water bottle cages and front baskets.

Do I have to make a deposit?

Yes, like most (all?) rental services, we require a credit card authorization of $500/bike at pick-up. This is not a charge or a hold on your account, and it will expire after a few days.

Is bike theft a problem?

Yes, the Reno area has its share of bike theft. Each bike comes with a secure U-lock and cable. The staff will instruct you on proper locking technique.

Are flat tires a problem in Reno?

Yes, the Biggest Little City is the adopted home of the “Goat Head Thorn.” The rental bikes are equipped with redundant layers of flat protection. In addition the bikes are provided with a flat repair kit.

Will you pick me up if I get a flat?

No, that’s not a service we offer. But we will help you repair flats at our shop.

Am I required to wear a helmet when riding a bicycle?

No. But we do recommend wearing a helmet and provide a quality helmet with each rental. Nevada bicycle laws can be found here.

Can the bikes go on the the city bus?

Yes. RTC buses are equipped with bicycle racks and the drivers will assist in loading and unloading the bikes.