Bicycle (Human Playa Vehicle)


Our basic Playa bicycle (upgrades available)

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Product Description

Our basic Playa bicycles start at $60. They all come with two pumped tires, at least one working brake and one working gear. Some come with more brakes/gears. These bikes typically come from a department store and have been to Burning Man at least once and then picked up for bad behavior (littering) by DPW and sent back to us for rehabilitation. Sizes vary and specific bikes are available on a first-come basis only.

When reserving a Human Playa Vehicle you simply get access to one of our hundreds of bike. When you arrive you get to pick one is right for you. Some bikes will feature upgrades and cost more accordingly. If you purchase accessories with installation we can install items once you have picked out your bike.

We don’t rent bikes, only sell them. So once you pick out a bike it is your property and doesn’t need to be returned. You may donate it; since we are a 501(c)3 nonprofit your donation is tax deductible. 


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