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Chatting with Chelsea

100_5689A room full of Reno Bike enthusiasts, including Noah, Leah, Carrie, Earl, Merrie, and Mike from RBP, Terry McAfee of Nevada Bike Coalition, Janet from the Tahoe Pyramid Bikeway, and others got a chance today to talk with Chelsea Clinton about issues and concerns we have about bike transportation. It was a nice chat. Chelsea insists that her mother has a lot of plans to make the world a better place for environmentally minded and active young people like ourselves.

It doesn’t seem like bicycle transportation is quite on the presidential political radar yet, but there’s still hope. Chelsea didn’t seem prepared for my question about dulling the pain of gas prices by avoiding using a car as much as possible. Rather she moved on pretty quickly to other energy related topics. Which is fine. There are big fish to fry, though transportation is much larger than just energy and pollution. And altering CAFE standards or upgrading government building efficiency over 10 or 20 year ranges is too little too late. You can’t dull the sting of change by waiting. That will only make it more expensive and more likely to be reversed…

If you’re of a mind to, please get out this Saturday and caucus. If not, make sure you vote next November.

Thank You, Chelsea, Emily and America for taking the time to talk bikes with us!


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