After-Hours Workshops

Bicycle Repair Class

The Bicycle Repair Class is a 9-week workshop held Thursdays from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at the Reno Bike Project, 216 E. Grove St.

Each week covers a different component (or component group) on the bicycle and introduce new aspects of bicycle repair. Students work on bicycles that have been donated to RBP, and bicycles that are refurbished in class will be set aside and subsidized to at-risk individuals through our Biggest Little Commuter Program. The Bicycle Repair Class has been offered quarterly since Winter 2014 and has been described as the perfect all-rounder introductory course to bike mechanics.

Tentative 2018 Class Dates:

  • Winter Session: 1/11-3/8
  • Spring Session: 3/22-5/17
  • Summer Session: 5/31-7/26
  • Autumn Session: 8/9-10/11 (no class the week before Burning Man)

Sign up for the Winter Session (1/11/18-3/8/18) today!

*This class is open to Reno Bike Project members and space is limited.  Membership is required to complete enrollment.  To learn more about our membership program, click here.

Topic Schedule:

Week 1 – Bike Inspection, Strip Cables & Housing
Week 2 – Wheels: Inspection & Hub Overhaul
Week 3 – Wheels: Truing & Dishing
Week 4 – Bottom Bracket & Headset
Week 5 – Makeup & Review
Week 6 – Cables & Housing
Week 7 – Brake Setup
Week 8 – Shifter Setup & Chain
Week 9 – Makeup & Review/End-of-Session Party

Bicycle Repair Class Deposit Policy:

We require a $50 deposit for all Bicycle Repair Class (BRC) students to be paid before the class begins. Even if you have registered for class using the form linked above, a spot in the class is not guaranteed until we receive the deposit. Deposits will be returned in full upon graduation from class, along with the BRC graduate certificate and upgraded Velo membership. Forfeited and donated deposits will be invested in finishing incomplete class bikes. This policy ensures that all bikes are ready for participants in the Biggest Little Commuter Program (BCLP). BLCP provides undeserved community members with bikes as an affordable means of transportation to get to work.

Method of Payment:

Deposit can be made the following two ways:
1. Online through Paypal

2. Via cash, check, or credit in the shop. Specify “Bike Repair Class Deposit.”

Method of Refund:
1. If the original payment was made via Paypal it will be redeposited the same way following class graduation.
2. For those who paid in person in the shop, cash will be held and returned at the final class; checks will also be held and returned, un-cashed, upon graduation from the BRC. Credit card transactions will be refunded with cash.
3. You can donate your deposit if you want! Just let us know any time leading up to the end of class.

Ladies’ Night – Tues. 6-8pm (on hiatus thru 2017)

Reno Bike Project’s Ladies’ Night is every Tuesday from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm at 216 East Grove Street at the RBP Community Bike Shop.

This is THE place for women (including transwomen, of course), nonbinary and genderfluid folks, & femmes to learn and work on their bicycles in a supportive and open environment. This workshop has an informal structure and is largely driven by participants. The volunteer mechanic may begin the evening with a demonstration and brief discussion topic, but essentially those in attendance guide the evening based on their interests and needs; learning how to repair and maintain their bicycles at their individual paces.

Open to Reno Bike Project Members. Non-members may attend ONE Ladies’ Night before choosing to become a member. Participants must bring their own bicycles. Reno Bike Project will provide tools.

To be added to the LN mailing list for weekly workshop reminders, news, & updates, email

Dan’s Night – Wed. 5-7pm

Dan’s Night is held every Wednesday at the Reno Bike Project Community Bike Shop at 216 East Grove Street, from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. This class is open to cyclist-mechanics of all skill levels interested in learning about how to repair and maintain their bicycles. This is a free and informal workshop taught by experienced volunteer mechanics. Those in attendance guide the evening based on what they want to learn and the type of work their bicycles need.

Open to Reno Bike Project Members. Non-members may attend ONE Dan’s Night before choosing to become a member. Participants must bring their own bicycles. Reno Bike Project will provide tools.

Meet Dan Ruby of Dan’s Night.

Dan Ruby is a volunteer mechanic infatuated with bikes, cargo, and cargo bikes. He started Dan’s Night as a way to get more involved.  He is a cool guy with a cool family and cool ideas…and he runs a planetarium in his spare time. Ask him about NASA, Pauly Shore or Carl Sagan sometime.

If you have any questions please feel free to call (775) 323-4488 or contact us by email.